Tender 19

- Limousine Hybrid – 12 passengers – 35 KNOTS –
This Tender is one of three ordered for the same 85m new build Yacht . At a meeting with the young Russian Owner, at his farmhouse in England, 2 new designs were presented at the same meeting. The client liked both. One was a full Limousine and the other a Semi Limousine (Tender 19). The owner then asked if we had anything else to show him. So a third design was presented on the spot for an open Sports Tender, using the same hull and engineering as the Semi Limo. We spent 50 minutes discussing the ins and outs. The following day the Owners Captain called announcing they would take all three Tenders. This was a surprise as the yacht only had space on board the yacht for two Tenders'. The captain reverted, 'yes I know, but we will rotate them'. This was an unexpected outcome, Yacht Owners can't easily be second guessed.


This densely equipped Tender was fitted with two Hamilton Water Jets and twin Steyr engines. It 's well appointed, sound proofed, sumptuous leather interior seated 8 exterior guest forward, with reverse cycle air conditioning, a 240 volt Diesel generator and premium sound equipment. Decking was finished in teak. Special features include a bow door which uses a section of the hull and a section of the foredeck to hinge and unfold into a beach landing passerelle. All movements in the system were automatically sequenced and hydraulically operated via a single button. Anchor winches and anchors were also equipped at the bow and stern. This Tender was custom fitted with hydraulic docking legs (or chocks). This feature eliminated the need for cradles on board the already crowded yacht. The system operates via four large stainless steel rams (driven by a power pack built in) which are extended from the chines and act as supports when the Tender is stowed on board. In practical terms it means the garage is clear with the Tender out, freeing the space for operations. While this Tender was extensively equipped it was also capable of a top speed of 35 knots, whilst operating in very shallow water.

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9.5 Meters


2.85 Meters


1.9 Meters


5200 Kg


35 Knots


12 passengers - 1 crew


2 X Steyr 280 hp Diesel (each)


2 X Hamilton HJ274 Waterjets